Public urged to save water

BAGUIO CITY- With the El Niño phenomenon affecting the country, Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan urged everyone to conserve water and use it responsively.

Everybody has the responsibility to save water especially that the city is hosting big events like the Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA), the month-long Baguio Flower Festival in February , Philippine Military Academy graduation and the observance of Holy Week in March which bring thousands of foreign and local tourists, Domogan said.

According to Engr. Salvador Royeca, general manager of the Baguio Water District, more than 43,000 cubic meters of water is being produced daily from three main water sources- the Mount Santo Tomas catch basin, four spring sources and 57 deepwells.

Domogan encouraged the public to practice water conservation measures by avoiding excessive use of water.

The following are some water conservation tips the community should practice .

Check faucets and pipes for leaks. Turn the faucet off firmly to prevent leakage.

As much as possible, use a basin (palanggana) to save water. Take a shorter shower or use water dipper (tabo) and pail (timba) instead of the shower when taking a bath.

Wash all your clothes at once. Don’t allow the water in your washbasin (batya) to overflow; Reuse water from your laundry to flush your toilet, clean your car, or water your garden plants.

Do not use running water for rinsing or washing.

Instead of a water hose, use only a pail and a towel in washing your car; Water your plants only before sunrise or after sunset to prevent water loss due to vaporization;

Collect rainwater with pails and basins, and store it for future use like watering the plants, and cleaning the house./JDP/JBZ- PIA CAR


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