Re-educating Filipinos on good manners

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Apply your heart to instruction and your ears towords of knowledge…” (Proverbs 23:12, the Holy Bible).


RE-EDUCATING FILIPINOS ON GOOD MANNERS:At the rate things are going among our countrymen, unsavory and criminal habits, behaviors, and patterns of thinking which have been forcibly shelved and hidden from view right after the installation of President Duterte in July 2016 out of fear for his reputation as a “killer official”, are slowly re-surfacing, and are umistakably making a vicious come-back.

This proves what I have been saying all along: it would take more than draconian and deadly or fatal measures to truly stamp out or eradicate crime and criminality, particularly those which afford huge but clearly illicit financial reward. Something more is needed to truly change our people, to weed them out of what they have been used to think, say, and do all their lives.

What is this? It is the re-education of Filipinos on matters of good manners and right conduct, on godliness and spirituality, on loving God (whatever He is conceived to be by our people who are affiliated with different and diverse religious groups) with all their heart, with all their mind, and with all their strength, and loving others as they love themselves.


FILIPINOS HAVE BECOME SELFISH AND INTERESTED ONLY IN THEMSELVES: Take the traffic behavior of many Filipino drivers as an example. My younger brother, Philip, pointed out in a Facebook post the other day that lack of discipline and a desire to out-maneuver all other motorists passing through the AndaCircle in Bonifacio Drive in Port Area, Manila, have been causing traffic jams in the area where there should be none.

Philip is correct, but this lack of discipline and desire to out-maneuvering all others travelling on Metro Manila roads have become the rule, rather than the exception, even if because of such bad manners more gridlocks are generated day in and day out. Drivers seem to epitomize everything that is devilish when they are already seated behind the steering wheels of their vehicles.

What is there in driving that transforms ordinarily sweet Filipinos into daredevils and uncaring morons? It is of course self-interest, propelled by the thought that only their comfort and their ability to travel faster, to the disadvantage of all others, that matter. Indeed, this type of a mental set which focuses on the self has pervaded almost all Filipinos nowadays!


FAKE CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS:This is to me incomprehensible, in the light of the profession of many of us that we are Christians and followers of Jesus Christ, our God and Savior. If we are supposed to be followers of Jesus, we should be obeying His commands, particularly the commands to love God above all else and to love others as we love ourselves, right?

Yet, plenty of those who say they obey Jesus do not even care to know what His commands are. In point of fact, many of them do not read the Bible, and therefore, do not obey what is written in that Holy Book. If we do not know and do not obey the commands of Jesus, how can we ever hope to act like true Christians? This is the reason why many Christians are not really Christians, but are devilishly-fake believers.

This is what the Duterte government should try to address, side by side with its aggressive campaign against criminality. Yes, it should eliminate the criminals in our midst even in the most violent ways possible, but it should strengthen the spiritual values of those who are not criminals among us, by, among others, requiring prayers in all government transactions, and then teaching God’s Word among our people!


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