Regulating use of roads for parades, motorcades, rallies pushed

BAGUIO CITY – The City Council approved an ordinance on first reading regulating the use of roads for purposes of parades, motorcades, fun runs and rallies in the city.

The ordinance authored by Councilor Elaine D. Sembrano stated the application for permit for the conduct of parades, motorcades and other related street activities must be filed 2 weeks or earlier before the scheduled activity and must contain details as to the number of participants, sketch of the road or street to be used, among other important details of the desired activity.

For motorcades, the ordinance stipulated a maximum of 5 4-wheeled vehicle participants shall only be allowed during said activities and motorcycles shall not be allowed to participate in motorcades.

The ordinance added that no child participants under 7 years of age shall participate in parades and rallies and there will be no more than 2 hours duration of parades will be allowed, except for the major activities of the city wherein there is suspension of classes, and there will be no vehicles of participants allowed in parades.

The ordinance explained organizers shall be obliged to issue a one week prior notice to the public on the details of the schedule of their events, roads or streets that will be used, number of participants to be used, and temporary signages should be installed in conspicuous places, before the approaches of the roads to forewarn motorists and the general public.

The ordinance imposes a fine of P1,000 upon any person violating the provisions of the measure.

The ordinance noted that when motor vehicles are stalled in the central business district due to the closure of roads due to parades, motorcades and other related street activities, traffic flow is greatly affected thereby causing inconvenience to the motoring and commuting public.

The ordinance emphasized that pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Code of the Philippines, the local legislative body shall enact appropriate ordinances to regulate the use of streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, bridges, parks and other public places to ensure public welfare will not be compromised.

Various government agencies, the local government offices and private groups, usually conduct parades, motorcades, rallies and other street related activities using the different roads and streets in the central business district often resulting to monstrous traffic congestions, especially when main roads are closed for a day to pave the way for their desired activities, depriving the public of free access to the said thoroughfares.

The ordinance emphasized the imposition of stringent regulations by the local government on the use of roads and streets for parades, motorcades, rallies and other street related activities is to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and lessen the inconvenience being encountered by motorists and pedestrians when they are caught in the conduct of the said activities being done in the central business district area./Dexter A. See


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