Residents, groups to launch ‘People’s Statement’ on changes they want in Baguio

Several Baguio City residents and organizations will launch a document detailing their hopes and goals for the city at an event to be held on Monday, August 31.

“Pushing for the Baguio We Want” (PBWW), to be held at Bulwagang Juan Luna in the University of the Philippines-Baguio, will launch the People’s Statement, crafted during a recent summit on several issues affecting the city.

The People’s Summit
In February, more than 500 Baguio residents gathered to share their hopes and ideas for the city’s future, and to discuss what they want to happen to achieve these hopes. The event, called the People’s Summit, was convened by Bishop Carlito Cenzon with the support of the Baguio Diocese and several organizations: the Baguio Heritage Foundation, the Baguio Citizens’ No Waste Initiative, the Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary, the Pine Cone Movement, Save 182, and Tongtongan ti Umili.

The discussions covered seven topics: the environment (waste management, trees and water, and air pollution); land use; community participation; governance and legislation; well-being and mobility; local businesses and tourism; and heritage.

Coming out of the summit is the People’s Statement, which “puts forward commitments that we must make so we can all participate in improving local governance and in making this city a better place,” the participants said in a release.

“We the people of Baguio want a city where residents’ well-being is paramount, where governance is built on genuine consultation with, and active and continuous participation of, the people,” the statement begins.

“We want a city where our duly elected leaders sustain engagement with the people and where that engagement results in the passing and implementation of laws and policies that will benefit the city.

“We want a city where people from all levels have strong community spirit and where we all have the ability to bring about change in our own neighborhoods,” it continues, before setting out the goals set forth for each of the seven issues discussed.

August 31 event
Monday’s event will begin at 9:00 a.m. Admission is free and the event is open to all residents. “Baguio boys and girls of all ages, students, and registered voters are strongly encouraged to participate,” the organizers said in a statement.

Cenzon is once again the convenor.
PBWW will also have three workshops: “The Electoral Process and the Government Leaders We Want in 2016”, “How to Engage the Government and Participate in Governance,” and “Increasing Support and Participation for the Baguio We Want.” / BM, GMA News


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