Riding and Life

I love driving motorcycle. In fact I like it better than driving a car. If you use motorcycle in the city, traffic is no big deal for you. If you are going to other places, riding a motorcycle offers a better view and ecstatic feeling than riding in a car.

Riding a motorcycle, though it’s more fun, is quite difficult and a bit dangerous. Just think of this, you are riding in a vehicle with only two wheels with the speed of around 90kph or more. Well, one tiny mistake can end it there. That’s why we are always asked to be very careful on the road.

Despite the danger why do I still love riding motorcycles? Well, basically because I don’t have money to buy a Pajero. At the same time riding motorcycle is a constant reminder of how to live my life every day. This is what I want to share with you.

When you are riding on a motorcycle, you must have the sharpest concentration and focus. Do not let your mind go adrift or you’ll find yourself crashing to other cars, or losing balance, or taking the curve a little too late. In life, when we are doing something we must put our mind into it. That is the key to perfection. Putting ourselves focused will keep us motivated and will help us achieve our goals.

When I ride motorcycle, I always use cautionary brake, and try to determine through educated guess, how the other vehicles around me move. The reason is, we might be very careful but other people are not, and they may be the cause of your accident. This remind us that in life no matter how careful we are, other people may cause our downfall. To rise against this we must caution ourselves and have advance plan how to evade such situation.

If you are riding a motorcycle, balance is very important. Placing baggage and things you need to carry must be done on the bike properly for stability. This reminds us that in life, everything must be in balance. Balance your time for your family and for your work. Balance every aspect of your life so you won’t stumble down like what will happen if you lose balance on a motorcycle.

If you ride, before going to places you must check the condition of the ride. This is to avoid accidents and other unfavorable situations. This also reminds us that in life preparation beats any obstacle on the way. If we are prepared, we can guarantee an almost smooth sailing travel in life.

If we ride motorcycle, we can develop these habits which is transferrable and usable in any aspects of our life. As a matter there are hundreds of lessons we can learn from riding that is applicable in dealing with life. I am not going to tell you all of it, go ride, enjoy and learn all the lessons yourself. Come on, time to ride


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