Roving vendors urged to secure permits, obey rules

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan urged roving vendors in the different parts of the city to secure permits and adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated in their permits to avoid being apprehended by the personnel of the Public Order and Safety Division (POSD).

The city mayor said the Baguio City Market Authority (BCMA), the policy-making body empowered to oversee issues and concerns on the public market and vending activities, already allowed the issuance of special permits to roving vendors with specific rules and regulations that is why they must comply with the requirement in order for them not to be apprehended.

One of the rules stated in the special permits issued to roving vendors is that their vending activities will be confined in the barangays where they come from, thus, POSD personnel are empowered to apprehend them once they go beyond the places where they are authorized to sell their goods.

“We continue to find ways and means on how to help our roving vendors because we recognize the fact that they need to earn income for their families, However, we appeal to our roving vendors to comply with the agreed rules and regulations on how they will vend in order to avoid being chanced upon by POSD personnel,” Domogan stressed.

He explained the BCMA fixed the jurisdictions of the vending areas of the roving vendors upon consultations with them that is why roving vendors are aware of such rules which were previously agreed upon, thus, what is important is for them to abide by the rules for them to freely sell their goods.

According to him, it is also unfair for the public to judge the POSD personnel for apprehending several vendors without looking into the violations committed by the apprehended vendors considering that they are just doing their job.

He called on the vendors to report to him the abuses being committed by POSD personnel so that the appropriate disciplinary action could be imposed on them depending on the outcome of the investigation that will be conducted to give a chance for those being alluded to air their side.

The city mayor asserted the city government will continue its unrelenting and uncompromising campaign against ambulant vendors in order to clear the sidewalks from vending activities that contribute in constricting the smooth flow of pedestrian traffic in the central business district area.

He encouraged the POSD personnel to continue discharging their assigned duties and responsibilities with utmost dedication and passion so that the city’s sidewalks will remain free from the proliferation of ambulant vendors in order to send a clear message to those enterprising individuals not to try pursuing their illegal activities in the city in the coming days.

He asserted the BCMA will continue finding ways and means on how to provide leeway for roving vendors to be able to sustain their sources of livelihood without compromising the interest of legitimate vendors in their respective barangays./Dexter A. See


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