Roxas gives up 2016 prexyrun, will run for Senate

Roxas gives up 2016 prexyrun, will run for Senate

Vol. XVIII No. 7 (Nov. 22-28, 2014)

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Your New Moon feasts and your appointed festivals I hate with all my being.They have become a burden to me; I am weary of bearing them…” (Isaiah 1:14, the Holy Bible).


MORE RELEVANT CELEBRATION OF CHRISTMAS?The presidential province of Tarlac is once again busy with its annual contest on the most beautiful Christmas decoration called “Belenismo”, generating much excitement and interest among the comprovincianos of President Aquino. Yes, the contest is one way of infusing Tarlaquenos with the spirit of the yuletide season, yet it is clear there are more relevant ways of celebrating the birth of Jesus, our God and Savior.

So, Gov. Victor Yap, Vice Gov. Enrique Cojuangco, and Representatives Henry Cojuangco (first district), Susan Yap (second district) and Noel Villanueva (third district), how about a contest among our provincemates on the Biblical context of Christmas? Maybe an essay-writing contest on the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus could be done among elementary, high school and college students in the province?

Or, maybe, Bible quizzes (similar to spelling contests) or declamation or oratorical contests on Biblical passages which herald the coming of Jesus to save sinners? I am sure all of our good officials in Tarlac(and, maybe, in all other parts of the country) will agree that this is a better way of preparing our citizenry for Christmas. I am also sure there will be more sponsors for these kinds of contests.

ROXAS, NOT THE ONLY OPTION OF LP IN 2016: Now, the cat is literally out of the bag! President Aquino is more convinced than ever that there is a need for him and the Liberal Party to scout for their presidential standard bearer outside of LP, if they want to capture Malacanang again in 2016. The inevitable conclusion here is that the presumptive LP candidate for president, Secretary Mar Roxas, has been found by Aquino and the party not winnable.

Otherwise, Aquino would have already anointed Roxas as his “chosen successor” and candidate in 2016, especially considering that, in 2010, when Roxas had to yield the LP candidacy to Aquino, Aquino announced that Roxas would be the party’s candidate for president after Aquino’s term.

Aquino’s announcement that he had been talking to other probable candidates, including even to Vice President Jejomar Binay, indicates that Roxas is not the only option the President is considering at this point, especially because the secretary has not been picking up in surveys. This was exactly the circumstance of Roxas in 2010, so the idea of him giving way to Aquino then was not really a sacrifice on his part but a brilliant tactical move to remain in power.


ROXAS GIVES UP 2016 PRESIDENTIAL RUN, WILL RUN FOR SENATE:My sources at the Liberal Party told me that, indeed, even Roxas has conceded this early that he is not going to be the LP’s candidate in 2016. The information is that Roxas is going to run as a senator under an LP-led coalition, participated in by the Nacionalista Party, the Nationalist People’s Coalition, and, if negotiations push through, even by the United Nationalist Alliance of Binay.

It is not going to be farfetched, therefore, that Roxas will be running under a coalition where Binay is the presidential candidate. The quid pro quo however is that, Roxas will be installed later as Senate President, and from there work his way to another crack at the presidency in 2022.

Truly, Roxas is a presidential material. He could really be a good president of this country. But he must learn to change many things in his personality, particularly the traits that earned him dubious monickers such as “Boy Pick-up”, “Boy Padyak”, or “Boy Martilyo”. He must also imbibe true spirituality and establish a more concrete relationship with God. Not just for show, really, but for him to achieve true righteousness that is pleasing to God!


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