“RP needs mother*cking John Wick”

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… There are those who oppress the innocent and take bribes and deprive the poor of justice in the courts. Therefore the prudent keep quiet in such times, for the times are evil…” (Amos 5:12-13, the Holy Bible).


FACEBOOK GEMS: I am reproducing here today, with the least possible editing, materials I call “Facebook gems”, which are original posts in the social networking site Facebook by various personalities and groups reflecting on our beloved country, the Philippines. I enjoyed reading them, and I believe you, our readers here, will enjoy them, too. So, read on.


DIFFICULT PSE PROCEDURES TO LIST A SMALL COMPANY: From Melcor Virata, a business entrepreneur: “The Philippine Stock Exchange has very few players. Or, few companies listed. I asked a group of lawyers to help me have my company listed sa small companies listing. MAHIRAP/ MARAMING REQUIREMENTS DAW (It is difficult, there are so many requirements allegedly).

“Advise nang isang experienced successful Chinoy businessman—BACKDOOR LISTING in other countries. Then have your company listed in Philippine Stock Exchange. Any take on this?”


FURIOUS AGAINST CEBU PACIFIC: From Rafael Abanggan Usa, Jr.: “Nakakainis talaga tong Cebu Pacific. Dahil hindi daw aabot ng three (3) hours yung delay, baka daw hindi magpo-provide ng meals. Lang hiya, magla-lunch na po kaya?! Papa-iralin nyu pa yang walanghiyang three-hour rule na yan?!!

“Buti nalang fighter tayo! Bumigay din! Pinas nga naman, kailangan mo pa talagang i-assert yung rights mo para maibigay ng wasto. Walang own initiative ng malasakit. Panu naman yung mga ordinaryong tao?”


THE REAL DAILY LIFE OF FILIPINOS: From Michelle Callanta Toledo: “I kept and saved this picture in my phone because I just found it too incredible to ignore. And what strikes the proverbial chord is just how unbelievable this image actually is because THIS IS REAL. THIS IS THE REALITY OF OUR PEOPLE. THIS IS THEIR EVERYDAY. THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

“A picture painting a thousand words… of a thousand people in line, in heat and humidity for hours, just to ride a rickety train JUST TO GO TO WORK. To make that honest, hard-earned living (and only bring home 68% of it).


RP NEEDS “MOTHERF*CKING JOHN WICK”: “So as far as elections are concerned, all I want is someone to look at this reality and be MOVED TO THE CORE by it. This and so many other painful realities our country is facing and to be physically emotionally and spiritually SICKENED by it.

“I don’t want sympathy. I don’t want consolation. I don’t want lip-service. I want someone to f*cking straight up MOURN at the sight of this and then go off and pull a motherf*cking JOHN WICK on whoever is responsible for stealing our car and killing our dog –I MEAN– stealing taxpayer’s money and killing our spirit.

“Because shouldn’t that be the worst crime of all? To kill a person’s spirit?

Gosh, if the Pope saw this he would probably curse himself out too. I mean didn’t Jesus also ask why he had been forsaken? Don’t we all feel like we’ve been forsakened?

Now I don’t know about you but there really is only one guy I see who can pull a dope John Wick, even though he ain’t no Keannu…”


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