Same Old Issue

The school year 2017-2018 officially opened this week on June 5, 2017. And still we are facing same old problem with regards to our education system.

The population of the student is around 26 million. That’s a great news. It shows that we Filipinos value education. But, we are still having 66 thousand classroom shortage and 33 thousand shortage of teachers. Same old song ain’t it?

Apart from this, we are still facing shortage of K-12 ready books for the 26 million students. Who do you think suffer the most in this shortage? Aside from the students, the most that suffer here are the teachers. Teachers patience is stretch out beyond limit. And what I hate the most is if the teachers complain these Managers of DepEd would say they should resign if they can’t take the job.’

So in the most presidential word of resentment I’d say F**k You. How about those people whose job in the DepEd is to produce these books on time and they were not able to do it? Aren’t they supposed to be fired because of their incompetence?

I am asking those higher ups of DepEd to protect the foundation of your Department, the Teachers. Stops dropping everything on them. Punish the incompetent people who are not able to deliver and the sole reason your Department is having Shortage of materials and manpower.


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