Seek to Understand

Oftentimes when teachers or bosses are upset to their students or subordinate, they would yell and get angry to their hearts content. Though they might be angry for good reasons, most of the time the result is negative. Being angry and yelling at someone brings resentment and fear that results to more mistake which again brings more anger that would lead to more resentment and more fear that will eventually lead to employees and students quitting.

Being upset is a normal feeling and most teachers and leaders would like their followers and learners to do better. That why they get angry a lot. But as observed, getting angry doesn’t get the job done.

To be more effective in leading and teaching, teachers and leaders must seek to understand first. Talk to the student or subordinate and let him explain himself understand where he is coming from. Let them open up and figure out their mistake. If they can’t figure out what went wrong then you can’t point it out in a nice way. We can also tell them that the result of their action made us very upset. Telling them that we are upset in a nice way makes a better impact than yelling to them.

There are million ways of delivering message without hurting people’s feelings. Let’s continue finding those ways and be a better leader and teacher. #


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