Senior citizens told to serve as advisers to youth

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan challenged senior citizens in the city to serve as the advisers to the present and future generations of youth by providing guidance that will deter them from vices that will compromise their future as responsible citizens not only of their communities but also of the city.

The local chief executive claimed senior citizens must instill discipline to their children and grandchildren to serve as model families in their communities and to prevent the youth from being influenced by their colleagues involved in dangerous vices that will put an end to their dreams and aspirations in life.

“Let us instill the proper discipline to our children and let us allow our own neighbors to emulate how we bring up our children to serve as models. Let us be aggressive in serving as advisers to the youth and properly guide them to a good life,” Domogan stressed.

He is concerned about the increasing number of youth using illegal drugs and in various vices that significantly affect their lives, thus, senior citizens are needed now to intervene to spare the youth from vices that compromise their future.

According to him, the experiences of senior citizens are best examples from where the youth can reflect and learn from, thus, the need for greater interaction between senior citizens and the younger ones in their homes and in their barangays.

Domogan claimed the contribution of the senior citizens in molding today’s youth as responsible citizens through their actual successful and failed experiences is crucial in showing the younger ones the lessons to learn to chart their own destiny.

While the senior citizens are still with their families, he urged them to continuously advise the children and youth ways of overcoming difficulties in life that will allow them to confront the challenges they will meet on their way success.

He urged senior citizens to assert their authority over the youth to teach them the right way to a successful life and be a successful professional.

He said it is important for the elders to share with the youth how they actually hurdled obstacles they faced in life amidst the absence of the latest information and communication technology without sacrificing the right values in life.

While it is true that the way of life today is much different than before because of the availability of state-of-the-art units of equipment, he claimed equipping the youth with the proper values and attitude will definitely help them become responsible and dedicated citizens of the city./By Dexter A. See


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