Significant Number of Meat Products Condemned

Significant Number of Meat Products Condemned

June 6, 2015

BAGUIO CITY – The city government here is firm in protecting the people from acquiring illnesses related to eating double dead meat.

During the Monday flag raising ceremony at city hall, city veterinarian, Dr. Brigit Piok disclosed that 48,513 hogs, 2,464 cattle, 107 carabao, 711 goats and 147,505 poultries for a total 199,300 livestock and poultries were inspected and passed for the period of January to May 2015.

A total volume of 6,119,897 kilograms of meat and meat products and 4,007,578 kilograms of fish and fishery products were inspected by passed for the same period.

In the slaughterhouse, the city has confiscated a total volume of 8,019.70 kilograms of meat and meat products because of liverfluke infestation, hemorrhagic/pneumonic, foul odor, gangrenous, brittle and enlarge, cirrhotic, hemorrhagic condition, and “double dead”.

While in the city and satellite markets, the city has confiscated at total volume of 2,386.05 kilograms of meat and meat products, and 20 kilograms of green mussel (tahong) because of mishandling, no accompanying meat inspection certificated (“hot meat”), no accompanying auxiliary invoice (source was positive of red tide), adulteration, decomposition with greenish discoloration.

Because of numerous unscrupulous meat vendors in the city mixing the bocha with fresh meat which the sell to customers, mayor Mauricio Domogan recently formed a task force to monitor the sale, proper and hygienic handling of meat and meat products in the in the city market through Administrative Order No. 030, series of 2015.

This is in support with Republic Act 7394 also known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines and RA 9296 otherwise known as the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines, the Tax Ordinance No. 2012-01 and City Ordinance No. 71 series of 2009 and Department of Agriculture Administrative Order Numbers 5 and 6 series of 2012 provide for the proper and hygienic handling of meat and meat products in meat markets.

The newly formed task force can recommend the closure and revocation of business permit to operate to all stalls in all meat establishments who continuously violates existing rules and regulations on the sale, and proper and hygienic handling of meat and meat products./Jho Arranz


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