Solon Vows More for Government Student Grantees

Solon Vows More for Government Student Grantees

June 27, 2015

Beneficiaries of the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHEd’s) Student Financial Assistance Program (StuFAP) endorsed by Baguio Rep. Nicasio M. Aliping Jr. have something to look forward to if they graduate with honors.

During the first general assembly of all StuFAP grantees here June 21, Rep. Aliping vowed to give each honor graduate cash incentives for finishing their college studies with distinction and becoming positive role models for their fellow grantees and schoolmates.

“I will give each cum laude graduate PHP10,000; each magna cum laude, PHP15,000; and PHP20,000 for each summa cum laude graduate from whatever school they come from,” Rep. Aliping said when asked how he can further help the students who have graduated from college.

“I know how hard college can be, but being poor and finding ways to finance your studies can at times cause anxiety among you who want to finish and help your families,” he added.

StuFAP is a government grant for financially distressed students who want to pursue a college degree in identified priority courses manage by the CHEd.

It grants a maximum of PHP12,000 per year to each successful applicant to pay for their matriculation fees and other school fees.

StuFAP is released directly to the school where the grantee has enrolled for the current semester after the grantee has passed all their subjects the previous semester and provided a certificate of enrolment for the current term.

Aside from the cash incentives, Rep. Aliping also promised to recommend for employment all grantees who passed their board examination.

“Also those who pass the board examination at the top ten I will give another PHP10,000 each,” Rep. Aliping added.

“I do all of these for students because I believe education can change the lives of these young people,” he also said. /Carl C. Taawan


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