Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

These days, most of us view mistakes as something that is bad and many of us see losing as a very big mistake. Because of this, we often give advices to children of what must have been done to prevent this thing from happening. Every time we do this we are robbing the child of the opportunity to have a meaningful learning.

What most adults tend to forget is that making a mistake is an avenue of learning new things and through this mistakes people grow. A chinese proverb say “ Fall seven times, get up eight times.” It is okay to make a mistake as long as we learn from it.

Another thing most of us view as something horrible is losing in a competition. It is quite true that winning makes us feel good and proud but losing should not make you feel the opposite. Competition is a test. A test to see if the plans, learning and strategies we have is effective or working. If it is effective and working we can win and if that happens it means we can now push through to a higher level of planning, knowledge, and strategies. If we lose that would mean we need to make corrections to the planning, and strategies that we have and to see if we have enough knowledge to complete the job. let us put in mind that life is not a “sometime you win, sometimes you lose” thing rather it is “sometimes you win Sometime you learn thing. If we learn to view the world this way, then we attract positive things towards us.#


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