SONA 2017 Review P**** i ***

A year after the Gentleman from Mindanao took the highest position in the country with an overwhelming 16 million votes. It is now time for him to report to the people what are his accomplishments during his one year stint in the office. Did change really came, or I it just the same old song that we knew wherein Leaders talk too much but did nothing? Let’s review everything by looking at the simple things we can understand to see if there was really a change.

Let us look at the event itself, and what is more important to it than the dresses these politicians are going to wear? Of course nothing is more important than that. Well at least in the eye of the media who painstakingly go and interview the designers of those dress as if it is a crucial part of the event. Well on the plus side of it, the dressmakers have a free advertisements of the products they’re making. So on this area, there was no change at all.

On the speech delivery and content, well if you are a college student taking up Arts in Communication or any other subjects related to speech delivery, you can kiss it all goodbye and stick to these practical rule that as long as you are successful we can deliver any formal speech in the way that you like. This might be the first SONA in our history where the transcripts had a lot of redacted expletives, and the second SONA that has a lot of adlibs, stories, jokes, and warnings. Listening, reading and watching it made me feel like I was a father being scolded by a Father with a lot of dirty words. The content is as expected, written to be good but the president going off and back in the script made it more understandable to the ordinary Juans, and it even made more realistic and from the heart of the speaker.

On the promises he made a year ago, First is the Six months promise to go full throttle on the war on Drugs. Well, he got shorthanded there but admitted it and asked for an extension. Was it effective? Well it would seem that it is according to surveys I watched and reaction of people interviewed. It would seem that the only way for us Asian not only the Filipinos to follow the law is if the seed of fear is instilled to us first. On the issue, between China and our country, he practically applied the adage if you can’t beat them, join them in his effort to remind them that those Islands are legally ours. I do not totally agree with the process, but what can we do? We are just missile away to extinction if we try to lock horns with them. We also made friends with other countries like Russia and why wouldn’t we? We got nothing against them. Their beef is with America. So I say so far so good.

On his promise to lead a clean government, He had delivered but it’s kind of a to and fro motion. He never had any recommendatory letter written for a person applying for a certain position, which a lot of people I know is the reason why they have grudge against him. They even changed side now, hell bent on destroying his name. He fired people he personally appointed when he heard rumor and take note just a rumor of corruptions against them. But one thing I’m wondering is why he reinstalled a cop suspected of being dirty. Well at least he is trying to clean the government.

On the processing of papers in all government office, there are some few changes adhering to his call to shorten the queuing time by reducing those unnecessary papers being required by them. A news every Juan likes to hear. When it comes to the economic improvement, well economist are saying it is going well but I will only say it is when we at the bottom level can feel the wellness of the economy pouring on us.

So is the SONA good? Well, It has some load on it. Thus the Gentle man from Mindanao delivered the promise of change. Well we can say Yes and No it depends of the change you’re looking for. Did he bring the Philippines to the next level of improvement we are all waiting? Well, it is too early to tell but I can see he is putting a lot of effort in doing so and I give him an applause for that.


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