South Korea-based OFW present the strongest arguments why the country needs a Duterte now.

Duterte-ofw's-viewThe post of an OFW presenting her strongest arguments why the Filipino voters must go for Mayor Duterte is doing the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, the South Korea-based lady overseas Filipino worker (OFW) wrote a lengthy argument why Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the best man to lead the country and confront the various issues that requires the immediate attention of the new President such as poverty, peace and order, drug problems and rising criminality.

Before anything else, the lady OFW told her friends that she is a first-time voter and has never been involved in any type of social media activity to promote a certain candidate. She even shared a quotation from a Disney movie and wrote, “People do crazy things when they’re in love.”

The OFW clarified though that she is not love with a politician, but her love for the country has been re-awakened while living in South Korea for the last 15 years.

“I’m not in love with a politician. My love for my country has been reawakened by these non-Filipinos who I’ve been with away from my country for almost 15 years. Every time I talked with Koreans about 60 or 70 years of age regarding the history of the Philippines, they couldn’t help but ask… “What happened to the then-rich country that the then-poor Korea had once begged for sustenance?” Even a single banana was a luxury that only noble Koreans could afford. This broke my heart and this made me think of my country.”

The lady OFW begs the indulgence of her FB friends to hear her out and wrote, “I’m just nobody. If my FB friends would only open their minds, then I will be able to share what my swelling heart is about to burst for.”

The OFW wondered if there is any candidate who can penetrate the Muslim areas and initiate peace talks with the Muslim. She doubted if Poe would even dare step on Maguindanao and negotiate with the Datus. “Roxas won’t dare shake hands with a mountain rebel, with his façade and all his pretentious acts,” she wrote. Neither Miriam can ask the NPA ‘kumander’ face to face to release the hostages nor VP Binay’s money is good enough to ransom the hostages.

The OFW wrote that the only candidate who can do all those things with ease is Duterte because he lives among them in Mindanao and negotiated peace with them and understood them well. In short, he has earned their respect.

The OFW wrote that poverty is pervasive in the country and who can better solve this problem than someone who experienced the pangs of poverty at one point in his or her life.

The OFW wrote that neither Mar Roxas’s eating rice out of a poor man’s mug nor VP Binay’s “Budol-budol acts” nor Grace Poe’s less than 15 years as a Filipino or Miriam’s Harvard and Oxford diplomas could comprehend how it feels to be destitute.
She posed a question for her readers to ponder and I quote:

“Who can understand better the plight of the poorest of the poor? None other than the one who doesn’t even have a mansion and sleeps with a mosquito net.”

The OFW added, “He’s known to be one of the poor politicians around, but afforded to donate his house to children with cancer.” “Such a soft heart for a tough talker,” the OFW wrote.

On confronting the problems of high criminality in the country, the OFW posed this question for us to ponder and I quote: “Who can understand better the grief resulting from violence, injustice, oppression and corruption (rape, drug addiction, theft, scams, gangs)?

The OFW asked if Mar or VP Binay could sneak out of Malacanang, posing as a taxi driver to monitor the peace and order situation in Metro Manila. The lady OFW expressed her reservations if these two gentlemen could ever do this.

“Can Poe or Santiago be personally involved in a hostage incident where the President negotiates face to face with the criminals?” the OFW asked. She added that she knew someone who is willing to go to the field and if need be, exchange bullets with crooks and that is none other than Mayor Duterte.

The OFW argued that Mayor Duterte is the best qualified candidate to solve the high crime incidence in the country based on his excellent track records in fighting criminals in his city, notwithstanding the accusations of using shortcuts in fighting criminals to keep Davao safe.

On the issue of the DDS (Davao Death Squad) the lady OFW has this to say to critics:

“And for the information of those who are concerned about the DDS, I’m not from Davao but I’ve received first-hand information that these drug addicts/pushers/users/lords, the culprits are not executed the way you think they are. They have been spied on for a while and when it has been confirmed positively, they have been given several written and verbal warnings to stop or leave. Those who defy are being raided and if they violently resist, they are given the shoot-to-kill order. Now, I think your concern is being addressed already. Does that also address the ‘due process of law’ issue?”

In the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, the lady OFW asked where were the candidates in the crucial days of the post-Yolanda days.

“When the supertyphoon Yolanda struck Tacloban, where were they? Who arrived first?

Did MIRIAM and POE explicitly show tangible acts of empathy? ~Monetary help probably. MAR was there but “bahala kayo sa buhay nyo” was a more painful lash than losing loveones. For sure,

BINAY extended help. His name was printed all over the goods even rosaries. MAR and BINAY were consumed and driven by politics issues.

But, the one who came without a request for assistance, has sent 911 emergency operations, backup for electricity repair ASAP, and even cried with them. He handed relief packs without a trace of a personal name, only the print, “from the people of Davao” but YOU KNOW WHO!

These are just to mention a few.”

The OFW agreed though, that all candidates possesses INTELLIGENCE, FAME and LOVE of the COUNTRY but one candidate is different and that she said is Duterte.

While Duterte lacks in ‘money and the machineries’ and his rivals spend millions to hire famous people to vouch for them, Mayor Duterte has an army of volunteers, including celebrities who are desperate to see “CHANGE” in the country. That, the OFW argued spells the difference.

“He doesn’t have the ‘money and the machineries’. While these candidates spend millions to hire famous people to vouch for them, YOU KNOW WHO is VOLUNTARILY backed up by renowned personalities who are ‘MAD for CHANGE.’”

Before wrapping her argument why Mayor Duterte is the one, the OFW left us a quotation from Seth Popoy III (never heard) for us to ponder and wrote, “He’s NOT what we WANT. He’s what we NEED!”

To wrap up her pleadings, the lady OFW wrote her parting words and I quote:

“I may be overrating him, but with him up there, I bet my butt, PHILIPPINES will never be the same again. (By this, I would say, VOTE WISELY!!! He may be evil in the sight of some but better be a cussing person with genuine intentions for the country than wolves in sheep’s clothing~ I call it ‘passion in action!’ … A leader with vision and real action ~ with demonstration and not just presentation.)”

By the way, the original writer of the viral post has stepped forward and she is none other than Belle Nierra-Zipagan, former State U instructor/PinoyTrendingNews


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