Tadian people hold rally vs insurgency

TADIAN, Mountain Province — The people of this town have spoken. “No to WAR, NO to NPA, we want PEACE!”

Hundreds of residents from the different barangays gathered at the town center on April 9, Day of Valor, to express their yearning for peace and to condemn the presence and activities of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the municipality.

From three different assembly areas at Sagadangan Bridge, Papacdean, and Tadian Multipurpose Cooperative, they marched to Poblacion, Public market down to Tadian Central School chanting “No to WAR, NO to NPA, we want PEACE!” and holding their banners and placards.

Among the messages were “Plant trees not landmine,” “Tourism not terrorism,” “NPA do not disturb us,” “Stop NPA extortion,” “There never was a good war or a bad peace,” “We condemn your principles CPP, NPA, NDF” and many more.

In the program held at Tadian Central School, municipal officials headed by Mayor Anthony Wooden, barangay officials, religious sectors, civil society organizations, peoples’ organization, community and other volunteers expressed their anger and sentiments to the NPAs for disturbing peaceful Tadian and for contaminating the water sources of at least three barangays.

“Anaw han anan-ak ay mengugubat. Wada kayo pay ay men namnam-ay. Pangaasi yo kumaan kayo sina” (Pitiful are the young men who fought while the leaders are there enjoying their life. Please leave our place alone), a barangay chairman pleaded.

Another barangay chairman said, “Adi kayo umali sin ili me ay mengulo tay maid metlang men bal-ligian yo.” (Do come to our place to bring chaos because you will never succeed.)

The recent encounters between government forces and the NPA rebels prompted the people of Tadian to come together to show their stand on the issue.

It can be recalled that two policemen assigned at the 1502nd MC, Regional Mobile Force Battalion based in Babalaan, Tadian were killed and nine were wounded during an encounter between the PNP forces and the NPA at Mt. Kapuwaw, Bagnen, Bauko on March 29, 2019 and April 2 when Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) allegedly planted by the NPAs exploded during the clearing operation at the mountainous area between Bauko and Tadian.

The community also noted another armed conflict between the government forces and NPAs on broad daylight of March 31 that disturbed peace in some barangays.

The i-Tadian concluded their peace rally with the theme “Unity for a peaceful community, condemn insurgency” with the signing of a covenant condemning the NPA activities, denouncing the NPAs and claiming for peace./Tadian MunPS


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