Thank you Teacher

“Our teacher sucks! She wouldn’t let us play inside the classroom.”

“Our teacher is worse than Hitler. Our teacher is a robot.”

“Our teacher is so ugly, she looks like a monkey talking in front.”

“I hate our teacher because she is giving us a lot of homework.”

“Our teacher is “maarte” she wants us to speak in English at all times in her class.”

“My teacher is not good he failed me in his class I don’t like him.”( Though the reality is that the student did not complete any requirements given by the teacher.)

“I will never forgive my teacher for punishing me when I locked my classmate in the C.R.”

Most of the students will have something bad to say to his/her teacher. Even us when we were young we had said a thing or two that is not good to our teachers.

What we often forget is that teachers are humans too. They are prone to mistakes like us. They deserve forgiveness as you do. They deserve second chance like what you have. Like most of us, they have baggage yet they try hard to give what they have to the students so that they may become better than them.

Some teachers may have not been up to the challenge of being a teacher but a lot of them has dedicated their whole life to the job. A lot of them are not getting the credit they deserve. Why not start the change now and the next time you meet a teacher say thank you. Thank your teacher they’re the reason you can read this.


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