That Thing Called “New Year’s Resolution”

It’s the start of the New Year 2017 and most of us are expressing and telling to other people what is their New Year’s resolution. This is the craze every January, to have a New Year’s resolution which is often than not forgotten is the time goes by. This is one of the reason why when I hear people say this is my New Year’s resolution I would just nod but in my mind I am sure that the possibility of them completing that goal till the end of the year is bleak.

What is the reason behind this? Are these people lazy? Are these people don’t know how to put their words into action? The answer is NO. These people are great as all people are. They just got entangled with the complexities of thing they set up for themselves that made them give up. How are we going to achieve what we set up in our New Year’s Resolution? Here are some tips.

First, set an attainable goal and write it down. How will you know if it is attainable? You have to come up with an evaluation system to determine that. Usually attainable means starting small. Having a simple and small goal is better than having big and ambitious ones because if an obstacle will arise it will be manageable.

Writing your goal will make you remember it and will put you into perspective. When you write it be sure to be very specific. If you are not good in writing the sketch it or create a picture of it and always find time to look at and read those written New Year’s Resolution.

Second, set a month or time of evaluation preferably in the mid-year. The reason for this evaluation is to check how far you’ve come since setting up the goal. If you see that nothing has been done or what you’re has no effect then you have to change strategy on how to achieve the goal. If you found out that you have achieved the goal already then you can now write a new goal coinciding with your prior New year’s Resolution.

Lastly, conduct a final evaluation in the final month of the year. Check if you have achieved those goals that you have written. If you did the congratulations that will be the greatest Christmas gift that you have given to yourself. If you didn’t, don’t lose hope because a new January is coming and it’s time again to write your New Year’s Resolution. I’m sure this time you can achieve it.#


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