That Thing Sharper than Blade

Words are sharper than a double edge sword. It cuts deep and the wounds won’t heal easily. This saying is often heard but always forgotten. This is due to the fact that we were trained or conditioned to say anything we want every time we want.

What we often forget is that with every word we say has with it our thoughts and most importantly we who said the word are responsible with the effects it would bring. Every word that comes out means a lot to our personality. It is a figure that can show and reflect our thoughts. Through our words people will know what kind of person you are. It shows the environment you’re from and it shows you’re regards to other human being.

Aside from showing what our character is. Words can also have effects to the one that will receive it. It can demoralize or motivate someone. Words can hurt and it can inspire. It can make someone smile or cry. With these things it bring, we really have to put more thoughts to every word we say. We must know that though we have the freedom to say anything we must also remember that we are responsible to every word we are saying.

As teachers or professionals, we must be the role model of showing responsibility to every word we say. Let us choose every word we say even in the time we are upset. In doing this we can influence other people who in turn will also influence others.

In these days, when even the most powerful person in the country has the propensity to utter out words that majority would consider unprofessional, we the teachers are left out with a heavy responsibility of guiding the young once in the responsibilities we have with each word we are saying. Words once said can never be taken back so let us put more thoughts on our words.#


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