The Bloody War on Ordinary Drugged Juan

The war on drugs has gotten bloody and it does not show any slowing down anytime soon.

This week the PNP has launched what they call a “one time, big time” Operation against illegal drugs killing more that 50 people and arresting more than a hundred in just one day. This operations were launched in the slump areas where these suspected drug users and pushers conduct their business.

The biggest news this week is not that though, it is the one in it that shocked the masses. That is the killing of a 17 year old boys who reportedly draw a gun and tried to shoot it out with the police. The father of the victim claimed otherwise and pointed out that the police might have executed his child. We just hope and pray that a thorough investigation of the matter will be conducted.

One can’t deny the fact that when the gentleman of Mindanao became the most powerful man in the country, he had shown us the extent of the drug problem in our country. We now knew that has grown to reach the wealthy people, it stretches to the law enforcement agency, and the saddest part it has invaded the poor home of most of our ordinary Juan.

I applaud the effort to curb this illegality. As the data shows, criminality has significantly gone low for this year but the number of people being killed for their involvement in illegal drugs shows no slowing down and now it even broke the age barrier of criminal liability. I just hope and fervently pray that we won’t be hearing a 9-year old killed because he is a drug-runner.

It is not a secret that if we want to stop a problem we must go to the root cause of the problem. What baffles me with the war on drugs is that it would seem like the operation is only done to the distributor and very few is being conducted to the provider, the real source of this problem. Where are the big drug personalities that were mentioned before? As far as I know only two of them went down and down six feet under they went compared to the thousand small time distributors and user being killed or arrested.

You can’t kill a tree by shooting all its leaves, you kill it by digging its roots and cutting everyone of it. We all know that is a Herculean task but if you want to solve the problem, for sure you’ll find a way around it. This operation against the distributor won’t stop the big fishes. It is still business as usual for them looking for an ordinary, hungry Juan who needs to feed his family at the cost of his life.

I urge the law enforcer to go back to their drawing board and redraw a new plan against illegality before it’s too late.


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