The Curse of Discord in the Filipino Nation

When we read the news today a lot of noise is about the Martial Law in Mindanao. It is embarrassing to see how our nation from top to bottom can’t agree on this topic. What we are right now is a divided nation in our fight against the invader.

One might ask, how did we become like this? The answer is, maybe we have been like this all along. Maybe the Filipino nation has been like this since the beginning of time. Let’s review our history to see if that answer is true.

During the Spanish time, the KKK (all of us knew what it means) leaders and members are already having misunderstanding which lead to their division. Regionalism is so strong that unification is impossible. On top of that, the leaders have their personal agenda impeding the vision of the group. This led to the execution of the Founder Gat Andress Bonifacio and the fall of the entire organization. Had they came together as one without any reservation, we might be reading a different history today.

Here comes the Americans after deceiving us. Again during the Filipino American War, the Filipinos are still divided. Personal agenda is the prioritized than that of the dream of Freedom. The assassination of General Antonio Luna is the proof that this is the case. Now, the trace of Americanization is still prevalent to us up to this day. One of the result of the disunity in us.

Now, comes another invader in the form of terrorism. An invader far deadlier than those that came and went. Everybody have seen the damages and brutalities they brought in Mindanao and despite of this, it amazes me to see that we are still divided in this issue. While we write #support #etc we do different things. What if we come together and support the effort of the government and let go of your personal and political agenda for a while. Let us support the effort of our government for our friends in Mindanao. Let us support our government for a change and break this chain of disunity that have bound us since the birth of our nation. After all, you still want your head to be connected to your neck, right?

If we continue to this discord in our nation, I will not be surprise if someday the Philippines will become the “It’s more Fun Nation of the ISIS. We don’t want that so let’s focus our effort on fighting them not fighting our government.


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