The Death That Opened Every Juan’s Eye

Today is the burial of the teenager who became the victim of this war that is ravaging our community. Though his death is one of the saddest and cruelest event that will haunt our history forever, it had also brought so much light to the abuse of power that the men in uniform is doing. This incident has proven what we always knew about human behavior; “absolute power, corrupts even the very best of men among us.

I am often wondering on the standard operating procedure of the police, is it really necessary to shoot and kill the suspect or do they have a choice to shoot to maim instead? Taking for granted that if the person fought back, once hit by a bullet, for sure they’ll think twice of continuing to fight back. That is human instinct for self preservation it is imprinted in our DNA. With all these evidence piling up, it is also imperative to ask how many of those drug related death is a legit operation and how many is a result of summary execution?

Who is to blame in this situation? Do we blame the drug Lord who is never satisfied with what he has? Do we blame the millions of people who are tired of being victimized by drugged people that they don’t really care if a drug addict is executed? Do we blame the Police who got tired of arresting people that is later freed due to the limitations of laws that we have? Do we blame the president for saying words he ought not to say and in a way giving the green light to the police to do such thing in fighting criminality?

Well the thing is, all is to blame for the loss of so many lives in this fight against criminality. It always goes back to the Filipinos self-discipline, If we put our personal agenda before anything else then chaos is going to ensue and the worst is, it will cause death.

Kian’s life has ended here, abruptly and tragically. But for us it will continue, and if we will not help in changing this system we will witness more death or the worst we will be one of the many deaths. We must in our ways contribute in changing our community’s mindset and in changing our corrupt system. We have done it so many times, we must start doing it again and must continue doing it ‘till we achieve the change we are dreaming of.


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