The Division we call Religion

It started in the middle East with the Jews.Then, Jesus came and his followers called it Christianity. Then, followed Mohammed, with his Islam faith. These are what the scholars called the Abrahamaic religion.

These religion are the most popular ones in the world. They believe in God. The God that heals, and the God of love. It’s a good thing to hear as every human wants to be loved. But if we look around, it is the opposite.

We got wars, we got killings, We got divisions in the name of God Almighty. We create more religons where everyone claims they got the “TRUE” message of God. We discriminate people,because they do not believe in our faith.We insist our beliefs on other people that sometimes results to family misunderstanding.

Looking closer to these facts, I’d say religion has caused more harm than good.And we the humans are to be blamed because we have diluted the REAL message to suit our own interest. But, it’s not too late. We can change this. We can start by changing the way we think. Let us obey the very message that God has given us. Let us love one another unconditionally. Love everyone despite thier color and despite their religion.I’m certain that if we do this then all the good things will follow.

Everyone of us believes in God. A diety that looks over us with a message that love is better than hate; helping is better than hating; and unity is better than division. Let us stick to this message and start breaking this hardened, thickened wall between us we call religion..#


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