The Dream of Peace… Is still a Dream

In a negotiation, people will come to an agreement when both of the parties will agree and understand what the parties represent. How to come to this agreement will depend on the willingness of the people to cooperate. That is how negotiations become successful.

In the negotiation between the Philippine Government and the New People’s Army, it is obvious that only the government is the one sincere in negotiating for peace. This was proven to be true when the president, upon taking office had declared a ceasefire. Through this bold action, the government had given chance for those who are hiding in the mountains to go back to their families. It made those weary foot soldiers of the NPA see a ray of hope that they can spend the rest of their lives without looking over their shoulders. Sadly enough, the head of this communist party has another plan. For them, they saw this as an opportunity to demand something impossible. They saw this as a chance to get power and be on top like what they had been doing in their organization.

I was so surprised when I read in the news the demands that they made. It made me ponder on what really is the goal of this group. Was this group created to make their leaders richer through those taxes collected while the lowest foot soldier is toiling hard in the mountains with the belief he is doing the right thing? Should this group be labeled as terrorist given the records they have? With all the atrocities they have done while the cease fire was still on, I cannot blame the Duterte government for ending the negotiation. He had shown that he is serious in his pursuit of peace with these group only to be taken advantage by the opportunistic leaders of the other side.

When can peace be achieved with these revolutionary forces? When can our brothers and sisters there see that the ideals they’re fighting for is not and will not work as proven from some countries who failed miserably because of these ideals? When can my friend, Juan Dela Cruz, an ordinary foot soldier hiding in the mountain, braving the cold and loneliness come home and live free as any Filipinos do? Only time can tell.#


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