The evil that has grown into cops

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned…” (Isaiah 9:2, the Holy Bible).


PURPOSE OF THE MAGI VISIT WHEN JESUS WAS BORN: The narration of the birth of Jesus, our God and Savior, won’t be complete without mentioning the visit to Bethlehem of the Magi, or the wise men from the east who were led by a star in the sky in their search of the “King of the Jews”. Who were they, and what exactly was the reason for their presence at the manger?


WHY THE DISPARITY IN TREATMENT OF CRIMINALS? The year was 2016. In the first few days after a new president was inaugurated, hundreds of people who were known or suspected to be drug addicts, drug pushers, or who were believed to have anything to do with illegal drugs, particularly shabu, were killed outright and without mercy.

The verdict was that, these people had to die, for they were considered responsible for the drug menace that has made criminal monsters out of Filipinos, even if the only thing there was against them was pure suspicion and their reputation as being involved in drugs.

Fast forward to 2017. Policemen have been pointed to as kidnappers, murderers, and extortionists who have made a mockery of the new president’s war against illegal drugs. Yet, they remain alive today, and are even given the opportunity to debunk the accusations against them. The question in many people’s mind is: why the disparity in treatment of criminals?


CRIMINALITY IS AN EVIL THAT HAS BECOME PART OF POLICEMEN: Would push-ups and cases against rouge policemen correct their involvement in crimes? The answer is a clear no. As everybody had been saying all along, it would need much more than push-ups and criminal prosecutions for policemen engaged in crime to change. The Philippine experience shows this to be so.

Engaging in a crime, while in police uniform yet, is an evil that has grown into, or has become part of, many policemen, whether or not top government or police officials will care to admit it or deny it. Amazingly, however, no less than the president already made an admission: 40% of the police force are active criminals.

What then should be done? Send the erring policemen to Mindanao, or shame the rouge cops in front of their families? Yes, we can do these things, but the real change will come only if the minds and hearts of every policeman—whether lowly ranked or star-ranked—have been made to fear and love God above all else, which this present president is not even thinking of! Failure is sure to come, six years or so later!


MAGI CONFIRM JESUS IS GOD THE FATHER: The presence of the Magi during the birth of Jesus, as shown in Matthew 2 of the Bible, tells us that it was not only the Israelites—or those considered to be God’s chosen people—who knew of the prophecies that God Himself will come to earth from heaven, in the form of a man with flesh and blood, but even other peoples as well.

That the Magis knew it was God Himself who was born on that first-ever Christmas day was shown by the fact that they travelled long and hard, guided only by a star, just to find the “King of the Jews”, and by their bowing down in His presence and bringing Him expensive gifts. The presence of the Magi confirmed that the baby in the manger was no human, but God the Father Himself, worthy of worship and thanksgiving.


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