The Filipinos’ Bloody Countdown For Christmas

It’s the first week of September and in the Philippines the countdown for the biggest festivities has began. The Philippines has the longest celebration of Christmas. As seen in our televisions and other media platforms, some are already talking about lanterns and they even playing Christmas songs. We can’t wait for that time of the year when forgiving somebody seems so easy. The month where helping someone feels twice as rewarding than in the other months of the year.

Though it’s just a hundred days to go before Christmas, that hundred days can still give us a whole lot of nightmares that can ruin the great festivity. In a hundred days, a number of typhoons can still ravage our country. In a hundred days, earthquakes may happen and to make it through December we must always be ready.

In a hundred days, a lot of people can lose their jobs and a lot can have new jobs. A lot of newborn life will come to join the festivity and the sad reality, some old life won’t go through to see it.

In a hundred days, more soldiers will sacrifice their life to prevent the horror of terrorism from destroying our country. For sure a lot of innocent life will be sacrificed due to this insensible act of madness.

In a hundred days, hundreds of life will be extinguished in the war on drugs. Legit operations or not, hundreds of people won’t live to see the great festivity. Surely we got a new meaning to the expression “painting the town red”. This is our grim reality as we are waiting for Christmas. Well, advance Merry Christmas and as we are counting down for this great festivity, we must fervently pray that God will protect each and every Juan.


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