The “Fire and Fury” Dare

“With great power comes great responsibility.” one of the most wonderful, meaningful, and significant quote from a movie we all love. This quote is easily understood by many, even by children, but what amazes me is that it seems like the most powerful idiot in the world can’t sill get it.

This week the president of the United States, a country most Filipinos dreamt of going, has issued a daring statement against the hermit country of North Korea that might spark a catastrophe that can end life in this planet. His statement has caused fear to many countries and we can’t blame them as we already knew the result of worldwide war in this time and age.

Clearly this guy didn’t know that if you play fire you’ll get burned. That is why he is quick to deliver his “fire and Fury” speech. Maybe when this guy is young he have no experience daring a bully. That experience taught many people a lesson. Never dare a bully or you’ll end up with a broken nose. Now that he delivered his “Fire and Fury” speech he should start a “Goodbye World” Speech.

The president of the US seem to be not affected though. Maybe because the only reality he has is reality T.V. Maybe he doesn’t know that every statement he utters has repercussions not just in his country but in the whole world. It would be so much better if someone in the White House would let him watch the first Spiderman movie so he’ll hear those quotes again.

Joking aside, this matter must be dealt in a careful and well-planned manner. Any statement that will worsen the situation is a sign of disregard to human life and narcissistic show of muscle power. He has the power in the world to call the leaders of the world to come up with a better solution. He must remember that human advancement is at stake if things will go wrong as a result of his irresponsibility.


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