The Kinks in our Government System

Its been said that what makes human improve and progress from being a hunter gatherer to a mover of Earth and a conqueror of space is their ability to organize themselves. Humans, when they are organized can do what they can imagine pushing the limits of possibility to a place humanity has never gone before. This ability to organize, unify, and generally agree to put one man as the leader has been the best method of keeping us safe from each other and from ourselves.

The System of government humans put up has brought us to this day and age. It has been the strong foothold of our civilization. It is one if not only the one shielding us against chaos and destruction.

This time though, it seemed like it needed upgrade as it looks like it is being abused by people who were chosen to run it. Our government representatives seemed forgotten that their mandate is to serve the people who put them there but when we read the news you’ll see them trying to protect their party and destroying others party. This is true whether you are in the U.S, in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world.

In the Philippines, I have watched for quite a long time already, Senators whose mandate is to legislate for the people, hell bent on destroying each other’s party. Opposition blocking resolution just because they are, well opposition and reasons for blocking is easy to find. Senators investigating others senators for graft and corrupt practices etc. Congress, who as far as I know the only thing their good at is filling impeachment complaints against someone in the government. Mud slinging here and there. It never ends and I think it will go for the worst.

As a tax paying individual it pains me to see that we are left forgotten. They will only remember us when election is near. We are now left as an audience watching fat pigs pretending to be genius fight against non sense things destroying each other throwing allegations and the worst part doing nothing to improve our situation. They are not our representatives as that not what I want to be heard in the chamber.

It is high time that we look into this system of government and modify it. The way I see it, this system is antiquated. It had served its purpose but its time for it to go. We need a new governments system that will benefit everyone and will remove these none sense formalized chatters that leads to nowhere. Its time for a change, and that’s the change I want.


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