The Magalong Demolition?!?!

The recent turn of events in what was originally meant as a Senate inquiry into the GCTA scam turned out to be one certified demolition job against the current Chief PNP (now on leave) and the current anti illegal drugs program of the administration.
I am sure, a lot of our readers will find my views as perhaps being absurd if not outrageous, or even idiotic, or some may say that I am pro-admin or pro-Albayalede, etc. At any rate, this columnist, having been used to dissecting conflicting views and going against popular beliefs and/or against the tide, well what’s new.
The following are the ideas that I simply cannot reconcile. If the end in view is what I perceive to be the view of the majority that Magalong is on some kind of truth and moral crusader and was just simply speaking the truth (at lumabas na lang sa blue ribbon investigation), having said that, consider the following and bear with the foregoing comments:

1. According to Magalong, he never intended for things to get out as the truth of things just came out. Certainly when Magalong was being questioned, he was in his element and conscious of all the beans he would spill. It’s not like a grade or high schooler was being interrogated and therefore nadulas ang dila at nagka windang-windang na. Sa assessment ko calibrated lahat, more so merong national media attention (the icing in the cake).

2. While we were made aware that Magalong did make some moves way back to go after the so called ninja cops, this incident happened 6 years ago and the players involved have been demoted, etc, and likewise Albayalde not being charged for any offense. And to think that Albayalde was a nobody then (P/Supt . pa lang siya noon) at General na si Magalong nuon at na sa poder so to speak sina Magalong nuon. I really just cannot understand and/or reconcile what really was the end game of Magalong (or is there a higher force?!?) in bringing to light an incident that took place 6 years ago (in fact Magalong might have other info that occurred perhaps 10 or so more years ago that he may also want to divulge, why not?). It seems pretty obvious to me that Magalong has an axe to grind against Albayalde. I actually have a theory on what this axe to grind is all about, but I would rather not state it. I in fact shared what this possible axe to grind is only with one person – Atty. James Valeros (my kumpare) and knowing him to be polite, proper and upright, he just stared at me, heaven knows what was going inside his head. At any rate, our readers might find it too brutal for me to share it for public consumption, although I can share it to you in confidence, get in touch. Of course after all the media hype, the joke now is pang one (1) term Mayor na lang si Magalong dahil pang Senador na siya, Great!

3. The revelation of General Lacadin that sort of hammered the nail into the coffin doesn’t also seem to make sense. It’s either Albayalde, who I repeat was a junior officer then and was talking to a Senior Officer tasked to investigate him. Either Albayalde is that stupid (although I doubt that) or he happens to be that close to Gen Lacadin for him to utter such a statement
“Sir, konti lang naman napunta sakin jan”, WHAT??? Really??? And all this uttered by Albayalde over the phone.

4. In summary, the end effect of the senate blue ribbon spectacle we have witnessed are the following: (4.a) Albayalde was demolished, (4.b) The administration’s war on drugs was further weakend given other past incidents, (4.c) Pang one (1) term Mayor na nga lang si Magalong at posibleng Senador na (uy very good news ‘yan for the local politicos, I can just see a lot of the local politicos praying- pls Lord sana mag Senador na lang!!!), (4.d) Forget any security threat to Magalong , given his popularity and security (malayo pa tayo sa mga Mexico drug cartel style), if ever there would be a security threat it may be from elements who happen to be against the current administration who may be out to discredit this administration.
Just to set the record straight, I am not a fan of either of these officers (Magalong or Albayalde) , neither do I personally know this gentlemen nor do I have any connection(s) to either of them. I do have a lot of respect for graduates of the Academy (basta’t yung mga simple lang at hindi garapal), it being one of the homes of the best and the brightest. I am just one humble columnist who happens to believe that more independent thought and discourse can do no harm. Mahirap din naman yung parati tayong sunod sa agos o parati nating kinikimkim ang mga nasa ulo natin.


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