The “na-ano lang” statement

The statement of Senator Tito Sotto during the dialogue with the DSWD appointee draw flak from netizens this week. Well, I for one am not surprised. For a person who was a comedian actor with no educational background whatsoever in politics and his educational background is from “Iskul Bukol”, it is expected that he’d be doing more of this for the reason that he wants to draw laughter from the audience.

Does making audience laugh by using the misfortune of other people a senatorial move? Or is it the job of senator to make people in the hall laugh at all cost? The answer is a big no. During the Olden times that is the job of the jester. In this modern times, that is the job of comedians.

Well, we cannot blame the senator because before he became a senator he was (and as the incident proves he is still) a comedian. We know for a fact that comedian will do anything say hurtful things and insult other people just to make their audience laugh. If we can recall, a comedian named Vice Ganda did the same thing to Jessica Soho.

Sen. Sotto might have forgotten that he is not in his comedy show when he blurted his “na-ano lang” statement. A joke that I don’t consider to be funny at all. Does this show that even the senator’s comedic skill became dull as his work as a lawmaker? Well, let’s wait for the answer to this question.

In a final thought, we the Filipino voters must share the blame for the “na-ano lang” statement. In the first place if nobody voted for the JESTER then there’ll be no JESTER in the senate. The lesson that we must take from this, “Be wise in every decision we make.”


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