The number we call Grades

A child got the lowest grade in class. The teacher gossiped with the other teacher saying it would be a miracle if the child will finish High School. The more than miracle happened, the child did not only finish high school, he finished his college degree, finished his Master’s degree and got his doctoral degree and now one of the most respected professionals in the country

A college freshman was once yelled at by his professor for his low grades telling the person is timid and has no ambition to improve. Years passed by and that college student became a teacher and now, he is one of the best Head Teacher currently serving for the department of Education.

If we ask our friends, lot of them will say that some people somewhat foretold their future just by looking at their failing grades when they were studying.

These things happens when we really don’t know the essence of numbers we attached to the learners achievements. These numbers are reflection of what they have done in the past or today and it is insanity if you’ll use these to tell what the learner is going to be.

We also forget the fact that while the child is trying to acquire these number, they are surrounded with circumstances that can affect their performance. These number should never be used to label a child because if we do, then we are one of the factors that are destroying the future of the children.

So what is the use of these numbers that we call grades? It is used to know what help does the learners need. It is used to know how deep is the knowledge acquired by the child. It is used to know the interest of the child. And most of all, it is used to guide the children for a better future.

Again I would like to reiterate, grades are used to steer the child towards a brighter future it is not used to label children and create division among them.


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