The Old Days are Better

Oh how I miss the old days. The old days are better. Long time ago, we do it better than what you do today. During our time things are far better than today. A sentiment you always hear from the youth of yesterday. They always say the old days are far better than today. Well, let’s try to take a look at the old days if it is really that good as they claim to be.

“Children long ago are more polite than the children of today,” one elder said. “Long time ago when we are scolded we keep quiet and listen to our old folk.” He added. If we look at it closer one can’t help but ask, is it really respect that keep those youth obey and do thing society expect them to do or is it the fear of the harshness of punishment that kept them at bay. If you are a kid in the old days you are not allowed to question authority which kids of today can freely do, which I think is okay as this is their constitutional right. Disciplining today might be a lot different. You got to explain everything in a nice way. You have to let the child see the effect of things they are about to do on them and to other people. It is quite laborious but it creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and not a rod induced fear mistakenly referred to as respect.

According to my older friends, the old days is a lot better for you’ve had to work hard for everything and if you got what you’re aiming for in a hard way, it’ll give you a higher sense of achievement. They say that kids nowadays take things for granted as everything is being done with just the touch on screen or with a press of the button. While this is true, the way I see it, it’s just part of moving forward and I wouldn’t say the old days is better. Long time ago, everything you do must be done with a huge effort. Things we take for granted today like saying “Hi” to your family abroad, sending important information to places just 10 kilometers away, researching for a report, or even watching a movie for entertainment is difficult and would take a long time. Those huge cuts in our time to achieve one task is not making us productive in the old days. By the looks of it, it is never better than today.

The old days and today are two different times that offers different challenges, struggles and happiness. It is so wrong to compare them. What we must do is to use them. Let’s reflect on the memories of the old days and use it to make the present better. Let us embrace the new challenges that the present is presenting to us and live at the moment. Let us be at the moment. If we think something is not right in it, then let’s make a move to make it right. We cannot do that by comparing it to what was gone we can only do that by using what is in our grasp. So the old days are still better? Well, it had its time but it is not now.


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