The P 2. 75 Budget a Day Conundrum

Being vindictive creates disharmony, disunity and chaos. A principle of life that even the youngest of us knew. But perhaps as we grow older we tend to forget this and these days majority of the lawmakers of our country have forgotten it.

As a representative of the government that is run by the people for the people, everything they do must be for the welfare of the people. They should see to it that the very people who put them in that position must be protected at all times. They got to make sure that their right are protected regardless of their opinion.

That’s why I really don’t understand why the government of the people for the people is trying to eradicate a commission whose job is to make sure the people’s right is protected. What would happen if this commission will be decommissioned because of its P1000 budget?

Let’s just hope that the Upper House have some sense of logic in them that they will do the right thing.


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