The spirit of Edsa lives on in our fight to end the country’s disorder

(Joint statement of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte and Senate Majority leader Alan Peter Cayetano)

It has been 30 years since the 1986 People Power Revolution, and today, as we commemorate the momentous restoration of Philippine democracy, we are also reminded of what it was that the Filipino people had fought and died for.

The EDSA Revolution was not a battle between two political families. Rather, it was the battle between a dictatorship mired in corruption and abuse and the Filipino people’s aching desire to restore democracy, order, and the rule of law. The spirit of EDSA lives on, embodied not just by one person, nor a handful of political families. The spirit of EDSA lives on today in each of us, and it binds us together as the Filipino nation.

Certainly, the spirit of EDSA lives on in each of us, but so do the problems that EDSA had sought to end. Crime, illegal drug trafficking and corruption are some of the social ills that contribute to the people’s daily woes. This is precisely why we wage a war against disorder and suffering. In this war, we must remember the lessons of EDSA. It is not enough to elect a competent government. We must ensure the government we elect doesn’t become corrupt and abusive. The leaders we choose to govern us must be leaders who are truly democratic and would stand up against any and all forms of oppression, abuse, and neglect. As a people, we must exercise vigilance to protect the freedom that we have won many years ago.

Today’s youth, particularly the millennials, enjoy civil and political rights and the freedom to be part of nation-building that was taken away from the youth 30 years ago. 30 years ago, the youth endured a difficult struggle to overthrow an oppressive government, so that succeeding generations would not suffer the same fate under the hands of a dictator. We implore all young Filipinos to remember one single truth: The youth in the ‘70s and ‘80s made a tremendous sacrifice, so that the youth today will be free.

As we celebrate three decades of our freedom, let us not forget the main message of the People Power Revolution: Real Change. The battle that culminated in EDSA in 1986 was only the beginning of our fight for a better nation.

Ang laban para sa tunay na pagbabago ay hindi natapos sa Edsa, kundi patuloy na nagaganap sa kasalukuyang henerasyon. Upang maipanalo ito, kailangan ng mga lider na may tapang at tibay ng loob na tapusin ang gulo at hirap sa buhay ng tao. Ito mismo ang pundasyon ng tambalang Duterte-Cayetano.

With bold solutions and swift action, the Filipino nation will achieve a level of order and development that ensures not only the welfare of this generation, but of the future generations of the Filipino people./DC-HQ


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