The teacher’s cross

When the k-12 was implemented years ago, the government promised that everything has been well-thought off and there is enough budget for the materials needed. That was five years ago. Fast forward to this moment, the materials for the implementation of k-12 curriculum for grade 5 and grade 6 is still not available. The reason? Well there’s a lot of reasons. And as the years go by, the teachers at the field are suffering.

Teachers at the Department of Education are, the most hardworking, the most innovative, the most patient, the most flexible, the most resourceful and more. You name a great characteristic that a person must have and for sure these teachers at the DepEd have it.

But like our non-renewable resources, these traits can also become depleted if we force and pressure people to demonstrate it all the time. This is the situation teachers of Deped are in right now. When the teachers ask for materials needed for the implementation of the new curriculum, the reply they’ll get is; “you don’t need materials to teach this, be resourceful.” “We don’t have the materials yet, be resourceful.” And sometimes, they’ll question the dedication of the teacher.

Please stop treating the teacher as a mule. Instead of telling them to be resourceful, which they already are, why not press the Department to do everything on its disposal to produce the material that the teachers and pupils must use. Being resourceful WITH materials yield a result which has more quality than being resourceful without the necessary tools. You say that the k-12 curriculum is a modern curriculum which can be compared to a modern tourist who has all the things he needs in going to a virgin island but as to my observation it is now akin to a person who is in an island without anything struggling for his survival.

If this continues to happen, regardless of the effort our dear teachers; regardless of changes in our curriculum; the quality of our education will continue to diminish. To move forward, our teachers needs a tool. Provide them the tool if you cannot give the tools. Don’t send a soldier to war without weapons, because no matter how good he is, he won’t be as useful as the soldier with a weapon.


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