The true legacy of Noynoy and Cory!

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS:“… `But I have stirred up a leader who will approach from the north. From the east he will call on my name. I will give him victory over kings and princes. He will trample them as a potter treads on clay’…” (Isaiah 41:25, the Holy Bible).


THE TRUE LEGACY OF NOYNOY AND CORY!To me, the real importance of the June 30, 2016 turnover ceremonies at Malacanang where the presidency got transferred from outgoing President Aquino to incoming, and now full-pledged, President Duterte, did not come from Duterte’s dramatic election and installation as the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines.

The transfer of power from Aquino to Duterte is significant for all Filipinos in that it symbolized the continuing capacity of the Filipino nation to effect a peaceful change of leadership anchored on an electoral process which, though marred by claims of fraud particularly in the vice presidential contest, was generally reflective of the true will of the electorate. It also showed Aquino as a true leader who does not cling on to power.

Although I am someone who frequently disagreed with Aquino, both Noynoy and her mother, the late President Cory, on many issues about the welfare of the country and its people, I am willing to concede that if there is any legacy of the Aquinos we all have to be thankful for, it is the peaceful and orderly transfer of power from one president to another. Mabuhay, President Benigno Aquino III, mabuhay, President Cory Aquino!!!


QUESTION AND ANSWER: A group of residents of Bacoor City, Cavite came to me and asked what they could do with two people who acted as their lawyers in a land case involving their very residential units even if, as shown by two Supreme Court certifications, they were actually not members of the bar, or are not really lawyers.

Well, the residents can immediately change these pretenders and secure the services of “true” lawyers, and seek the setting aside or nullification of all the proceedings in court participated in by them. A court proceeding where one of the parties was defrauded by someone pretending to be a lawyer could be considered a null and void proceeding, because the defrauded client was actually deprived of his Constitutional right to a counsel of choice.

Then, they can also demand for the return of the money paid to the pretenders, failing in which they could sue them for estafa. Under the Revised Penal Code, when a person misrepresents himself or herself as having a qualification which he does not have, like having a license to practice law, that would amount to swindling or estafa.


BIBLICAL PROPHECY ON PRAYERS STARTING WITH GOD’S NAME: There is a Biblical prophesy, found in Isaiah 43:25, which says God will call someone from the east who calls or prays in His Name, who will be rewarded with “victory over kings and princes” and who will trample upon these kings and princes in the manner that a potter treads on clay.

We at the Anak ng Diyos Kadugo Ni Kristo (Children of God Blood Kin of the Christ) Church believe that that this person from the east, who calls on Him and prays in His name and will be used greatly in the end time work of God mentioned in Isaiah 46:11 and Matthew 24:14, is its “Leader Disciple”, or its spiritual head.

This belief is anchored on the fact that the “Leader Disciple” of the AND KNK introduced a unique way of praying among its members, right from the moment the Church was established in the Philippines, where each and every prayer starts with the phrase “O Jesus, our God and Savior”, and ends with the phrase “this we ask in the name of Jesus, our God and Savior”, which is very much unlike the prayer of other believers.


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