Transport group operators and drivers urged to conduct tree planting & clean up drive

BAGUIO CITY – The city council recently approved Resolution Numbered 279 requesting all public utility transport operators and drivers to conduct a yearly tree planting and clean-up drive in the city of Baguio.

It is the city’s thrust to have a clean and green Baguio being the Summer Capital of the Philippines, center of education and now the center of excellence for business in the Cordillera region.

“Baguio was a recipient of the Hall of Fame in terms of Clean and Green programs which was followed by other private institutions. On the other hand, the city has been published in the national circulations as among the most air polluted in the Philippines”;

“Thus, to revert to the excellent record of the city of Baguio and to help our government’s drive to climate change mitigation, the reduction of emitted carbon dioxide in our city, conduct of tree planting activities, and the re-greening of our mountain hills is an important endeavor,” stated in the resolution.

Since the transport groups are the main contributors of carbon dioxide propelled by their vehicles, a mandatory tree planting and clean-up drive must be undertaken before the renewal of franchise or license be issued to all transport operators as well as drivers.

The resolution was initiated by senior citizen official for-a-day (SCOFAD) councilor Andrew Sagandoy during the SCOFAD session last Oct. 3, this year. /Jho Arranz#


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