TurnYour Compassion into Action

In this time where social media is a part of life. People seemed to be very much concerned in having a million views, likes, and share. This has led to creating a lot of bizarre things just to be recognized even for just a minute in the world of billion users. We’ve seen things like insane movements, insane fights, insane accidents, a lot of insanity and brutality that it normalizes our feeling to such macabre situations and things.

And it seems like everything insane in this world has been seen in the media already that people are still trying to go over insanity just to be known. One way of doing it is through those insane chain mails, chain pictures, and chain status. These are social media post that is saying that once you share it you will have good luck and if you don’t you’ll end up having bad day etc.

The worst thing people have done and has been doing and will still be doing is taking picture of an accident, a disaster, and a helpless person and they will say they are really sympathizing with what is in the picture and to help those victim they’re asking you to like or share their post. This is the most idiotic and egocentric idea ever. If you try to think about it, you are not really helping the person in need you are helping and feeding the ego of the person who posted it. For sure they will say I post these pictures to spread awareness. If that is the idea then it is good. But aside from that posting things like those does not really help.

Instead of posting, why not put down your phone go to the person and literally offer your help. Instead of sharing the picture why not share something that can actually help. Instead of telling the world how you pity our unfortunate brothers and sisters, why not show how you pity them by actually doing something that can get them to a better place.

The social media is a powerful thing and a useful tool to change the world. Do not let it change you. Do not let it change the very root of human foundation. Put down those phones, look around you see those who needs help and instead of sharing your compassion to the media world, you start turning your compassion into action. Go and help!#


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