Two More Dialysis Patients Seek Help

Two More Dialysis Patients Seek Help

VOL. XVIII NO. 4 (Nov 1-7, 2014)

The complications of kidney failure has become so debilitating that Agustin Gayao, a 55-year old patient from Apugan, Irisan Barangay here has been on oxygen  support for months now.

Recently, his doctor increased his life-time hemodialysis treatment schedule from three to four times a week. He now also needs a commode as helping him to and from the comfort room detached from their house at Irisan Barangay here has become too strenuous because of his weak heart.

Reason enough for his wife, Leona, to ask, through text, if his plight could be included in this Sunday’s issue of the weeklies, so that whoever has something to spare – say, a commode – may do so to ease the family’s financial, as well as emotional, strain.

“I went to a medical supplies store and the tag price for a commode is P2,860,” Leona said in a text message last Wednesday morning.
That’s too much  a load for a family already at a loss on how to maintain monthly dialysis payment of P8,800; oxygen concentrator rental of P6,800; maintenance medicines and other basic daily needs of a family of four.

Also trying to cope, Bonifacio Yackengon, a 51-year old pocket miner from Apugan-Loakan here has already felt the continuing pressure of trying to live with kidney failure, only a month after he began his dialysis treatment.

He may feel luckier than Gayao, having never married and without children to raise. He lives with the family  his half-brother, 36-year old Julio Tumiguing, sister-in-law Shirley and the couple’s three daughters – Jonalee, 9; Jenzel, 6; and Jerlyn, 3.

Bonifacio is now dependent on the support of Julio and other relatives to sustain his thrice-a-week dialysis treatment set at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center.

It’s a heavy cross for Julio, who earns P7,000 monthly as a security guard.

Samaritans can call Mrs. Gayao’s number – 09283196174, and Bonifacio’s (through Julio) – 09482385760./Ramon Dacawi.


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