Unappreciated Effort

There was a strong young man walking on the street. His name is Juan. Juan is just a normal guy but what’s unique him is his dedication to helping other people.

While he was walking, he saw a girl playing at the middle of the street. As he was about to pass by the place where the girl is playing, he saw a car speeding towards her. The car was so fast that it indicates that the driver never saw the girl playing at the middle of the street. Before everything turns bloody, Juan jumped and pushed the girl away saving her from a sure death.

Everyone who saw what happened applauded the heroism of Juan. They admire him for risking his life to save the little girl. Through his effort the girl is alive though she suffered some cuts and scratches when she was pushed away from the speeding car.

One person was not quite happy with what happened. That was no other than the girl’s father. He was so angry because her girl got bruises and blamed Juan for it overlooking the fact that her girl was saved from a certain death. Juan was so disappointed with the father’s reaction but in his heart it is his nature to help no matter what will be the consequence.

What happened to Juan is happening in our country right now.

After the war in Marawi, some of the local officials said that the soldiers have than “overkill” to the city. They even made sure to point out that the damage in the city would have been mitigated if the government agreed to a negotiation with the terrorist group. Apparently, when the Mautes were losing the battle they contacted the MILF to conduct a negotiation between them and the government.

The government had done the right thing when they did not agree with the negotiation. This group is not fighting for a noble cause. They are terrorist doing the things they do to spread terror and cloaking it with the name of religion. They have killed many innocent people. They have no right to ask for negotiation. What they should do is to surrender unconditionally.

It is a wonder that instead of appreciating the effort that was done to stop this terrorists, some people would find ways to critique it. Instead of doing that, let’s help in rebuilding the city. War is cruel and within it an unimaginable destruction that no one can control. Let’s help one another start anew and learn the lessons this tragic incident has taught us. Stop the mud slinging and the blaming game, let’s start building and helping.


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