Uniform Color for Gov’t Buildings Proposed

BAGUIO CITY – The city council is considering a proposed ordinance mandating a uniform color for all government buildings and structures in the city.

Councilor Leandro Yangot Jr. who proposed the measure said there is a need to impose a single color scheme for all government buildings to “provide cost advantageous distinction, uniformity, proper coordination and easy identification of government buildings or structures.”

He said it also “deter the practice of some elected public officials even down to the barangay level of causing the painting of government structures i.e., barangay halls, public schools, markers, arcs, bridges, overpasses, flyovers, etc. with the clear intent to associate the construction of such government building or structure to them or to any political party color at the expense of the government.”

“This is also in harmony with the policy of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) prohibiting government officials from abusing government projects for personal gain thus allowing the people to appreciate public works as the fruit of the government’s continued commitment to public service and not a gratuity granted by a self-serving politician or political party,” he said.

As proposed, the measure will cover all government buildings or structures such as the Baguio City Hall and other offices, barangay/multi-purpose halls, government schools, daycare centers.

“The uniform color of protective paint for all government buildings will be (1) Kitten white (p112 sG) for the Body, (2) Green for roof, (3) Copper Bright (p82 sG) for Body Accents and (4) Pure Ivory (p99 sG) for Border accents since these are generic colors and are not identifiable to any existing political party or local government official,” Yangot specified.

If approved the measure will include newly established edifices.
The proposals has been approved on first reading and was referred to a committee for study and recommendation./Aileen Refuerzo and Denver Jeremiah Ebba


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