US Lawmakers’ Ignoble Act

What would you feel if one of your distant neighbor looks at your house or hear a story about your house and launches an inquiry or give a comment about it as if they are living in the house too? Most of us will agree that we would be darn furious especially if the comments are baseless or at best it is nonsense. We wouldn’t want other people to meddle on how we run our house and of course other people would not like the same thing happening to them.

Knowing that such act is not acceptable, and knowing their reactions when they found out that Russia might have interfered in their last national election, it still baffles me to hear that a US lawmaker is meddling with the way our government try to solve problem that they are failing to eradicate in their country. Perhaps these US lawmakers still thought that the Philippines is still colony of the US or perhaps they thought that the Philippines is a state of the US. It also made me wonder why these people have the audacity to say things like these when in fact their country has committed a lot of human rights violation to their black citizens and in general to all US citizens when they tried to scrap their health care or the Obamacare.

These honorable lawmaker a country on the other side of the world must set their priorities straight. They don’t have jurisdiction over the Philippines and if they want to meddle in our business here how about they atone the tons of abuses they have done to our country first. They have used the Philippines and now they are using it again for grand standing to show the world that they have high regards to human rights.

Well, we might need to iron out things here on how we solve the drug problem of our country but I think, as a sovereign nation, we are the one who have the word about it. We are the ones who knows what is really happening.


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