Vendors back zoning in city market

BAGUIO CITY – Representatives of market vendors in the different sections of the city public market expressed their support to the zoning of the stalls inside the facility to improve the state of the city’s show window and attract the influx of more residents and visitors to patronize their products.

Angeline Gayados, an official of the stall holders of the rice section, revealed it is high time for the local government to implement the zoning of stalls in order to allow market goers to have easy access to the different sections and avoid confusion due to the scattered types of businesses inside the facility.

“We call on the local government to work out the implementation of the zoning of stalls in the public market so that there will be order. We support the zoning of our stalls because we at the rice section are strictly adhering to the proper zoning of our stalls,” Gayados said.

Gayados, together with other officers of various sections of the market, attended the recent inter-agency meeting initiated by the City Council Committee on Market, Trade, and Commerce to gather inputs from them on how to sustain the cleanliness and orderliness in the market to worthy of being a show window of the city.

Councilor Leandro B. Yangot, Jr., chairman of the Committee on Market, Trade, and Commerce, requested that the officers of the different sections of the market, including their mother organizations, should initiate the effort of zoning the market by writing a letter to the city informing the local government of their desire to help in the zoning of stalls and theirproposals for this.

He expressed his gratitude to the concern raised by the market vendors on the need to implement the zoning of stalls and sections in the market as this is long overdue, thus, the need for concerned stakeholders and the local government to get their acts together to improve the market even without the implementation of the overall development of the city’s premier facility.

According to him, the proposal of the associations in the market zoning will be the basis of the local government in their consultations with stakeholders to gather inputs from the various sectors before the final zoning plan will be implemented.

Earlier, the Supreme Court (SC) upheld the constitutionality of the ordinance prescribing the rules and regulations for the market development and the validity of the contract entered into between the local government and Uniwide Realty Sales and Development Corporation for the development of the city’s market facility.

The local government formed a review committee to ascertain the capability of the developer to implement the market development project amidst reports that its assets are already subject to liquidation pursuant to orders from the competent courts./By Dexter A. See


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