Vendors Selling Spoiled Products to Lose Permits

Vendors Selling Spoiled Products to Lose Permits

May 23, 2015

BAGUIO CITY – Market stall owners found selling spoiled products stand to lose their licenses and their privilege to do business at the city market.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan issued this warning last Wednesday in view of reports that some stalls at the city market are selling food products that are unfit for human consumption.

The mayor said the city can close the stalls, withdraw the business permits and ban the sellers from doing business at the city market.

Last May 7, the city veterinary office under Dr. Brigit Piok confiscated some 12.15 kilos of adulterated chicken meat cuts and by-products from three meat stores at the market during an inspection conducted by the task force to monitor the sale, proper and hygienic handling of meat in meat markets.

The task force composed of meat inspectors Cesaria Buayan, Juliet Laron, Myra Bonnie Balting and aquaculturist Judyline Toyoken found the products adulterated with greenish discoloration or decomposition and not fit for human consumption in clear violation of Republic Act No. 9296 or the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines.
The mayor said cases will be pursued against these law violators.

The mayor said the regular market inspections are part of the City Government’s thrust for consumer welfare protection.

The city veterinary office works in coordination with the city market office in the campaign.

City market office head Paul Tamayo said in their thrust to safeguard the welfare of the consumers, they recently underwent training on promoting the safety of consumers of fish.

They also recently installed tarpaulins in strategic points at the city market on the proper handling and selling of fresh or newly slaughtered , chilled, frozen and thawed meat products./ A Refuerzo


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