Vergara – “I didn’t quit, I will fight to the finish!”

Few days before the election and some candidates are now subject to black propaganda, concocted obviously by parties who would benefit from them.

A week ago, Bobby “Bungo” Ortega was the subject of a very bad rumour that he died unexpectedly. This was immediately belied by the Councillor’s camp saying Bungo is alive, well, and in very good health. This black propaganda was said to have been the works of some groups who are aiming top to City Councillor post.

Thursday, Bernie Vergara’s turn as the subject of a black propaganda saying that he quit the Congressional race and is endorsing his opponent, Mark Go.

Vergara’s camp is quick to belie such talk, saying that he will “finish the race.” “He is not someone who quits in the middle of the race,” supporters say, adding that Vergara is actually leading the informal polls. This black propaganda is obviously a handiwork of a desperate camp, Vergara’s supporters say. “We will stand by our candidate as he will fight to the finish,” supporters added.

Earlier during the campaign, Vergara also has been the subject of discriminating comments about his age. Detractors say that he is already old, which angered the senior citizens. Vergara on the other hand says age is just numbers, further emphasizing that he is on top shape, he still plays golf, and more importantly, he never went under the knife. Vergara supporters took this chance to point out that Mark Go is the one who allegedly has a pacemaker and has had a heart bypass surgery in the past./The Junction News Team


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