Vergara to Rivals: Disclose Your Med-Health Records

BAGUIO CITY – Tide has turned, as the congressional front-runner candidate Bernardo M. Vergara challenges his rivals for the Lone District of Baguio to disclose before the people their respective health and medical records to prove how physically, mentally and psychologically fit to serve as the city’s congressman in the next three years.

Dismissing what he termed as black propaganda of the vilest kind, the former solon who has served Congress for four terms lamented unfounded claims raised in this election that he is “just an aging, sickly man who deserves to be retired from the rigors of public office.” It was an issue that has since outraged senior citizens and elderly groups who expressed disgust over the discriminating remarks.

“I am very much in good health, have not had any medical or surgical procedures, and I continue to lead a clean, healthy lifestyle. I can very well do the job with the same energy, focus, and determination that have marked my past congressional terms,” he said.

He added that he has never thought that one’s physical health or condition was a campaign issue, pointing out that “age is just a number,” and not a hindrance in public service.

“Dapat pag-usapan, hindi edad, kundi abilidad, kalidad, at higit sa lahat, integridad,” he stressed.

Addressing the issue of his health head-on, Vergara challenged his opponents to bare their medical records for people to know who had heart bypass operations and who are psychologically unfit to handle the pressures of the job.

“Maglabasan na tayo ng ating mga health and medical record nang magka-alaman na! As for me, I am confident enough that of my own health condition. “I have not had any hospitalization or surgery at all, I have managed my health well enough to remain fit for the job. I sincerely hope that my rivals are of the same condition,” he added.

Vergara asked his rivals to join him in a public display of their health condition at a time and place of the next congressional debate. “Kung dapat pag-usapan ang bagay na ito sa eleksyong ito, sige na, ipaalam natin ang tunay na kundisyon ng ating kalusugan.”

He stressed that the coming election is a fresh opportunity for our citizens to nurse hopes for Baguio to move forward, based on platforms as against promises, on character as against character assassination, on competence against compromises.

“Abilidad, kalidad, integridad ang dapat na pag-usapan. Diyan tayo magkakasubukan!” Vergara emphasized./The Junction News Team


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