We Want Change! Not really..

Do we, Filipinos, really like change? Are we really committed to it? Or we are just good at talking and critiquing whatever we see.

This week, the government suspended work and schooling nationwide. The reason, is the protest launched in opposition to the government plan of modernization of jeepney.

Jeepneys had been and still the most common means of transportation in the Philippines for quite a long time already. It’s design is a result of Filipino ingenuity. Not only that, it also symbolizes the resilience and creativity of our race in times of chaos. With all these attached to it and due to the fact that it’s also a bread provider we cannot blame people who wouldn’t agree to the Jeepney modernization program.

Looking at it in another angle, it is high time for this iconic vehicle to undergo change. It has to adapt to the changes brought by our modern times not just for aesthetic purposes but also for the safety of everyone that uses it.

The government is doing everything to aid in this modernization plan but it’s difficult to understand why people still oppose it. Do we not want change? If we want change we must act on it. We mist do our part.

This Two day incident only showed us what we really are as Filipinos. It showed that no matter how perfect and strong a leader is, nothing will happen. We will stay the same and won’t ever change because our will for change is not enough. We are the exact mirror of the government we put up. We talk a lot but we do nothing or should I say we don’t want to do something. Oh, when will we ever learn?


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