What Graduation Means to Me

March, a month of marching. Marching for the graduation. This will be the time when we here clichés such as, graduation is not the end, it is the beginning; Graduation signifies your start in your journey to the real life; and Welcome to the real world.
I am not going to add more clichés for graduation in fact I am going to break some of it today. If you are a young graduate and you will hear words like, welcome to the “real” world, you might want to question the speaker and ask is the life of a student not real enough? Is it a wonderful life? Well, you know young graduate that it is as real as it is to the one it is being compared and the experience you had is pretty much organic and useful.

To these people who say this clichés they think that the young graduates never felt real pain, real sadness, real failure, and or real achievement, and of course some people say this clichés because they did not prepare any speech for graduation. For those who say this platitudes because they believe it this is for you.

Life of a student is as real as the life you’re living in. Students must work to please a teacher so strict it shakes their knees when they in here presence. Same as you who must work overtime to please an insatiable boss. A student cries for a very low grade they receive despite of giving everything they have. You also cry for a low compensation you receive for the maximum effort you gave. Students must work with different personalities when having a group project. You have to work with different people who have different personalities and must ignore their idiosyncrasies to finish a goal.

I can go more but these are enough to illustrate that the life of the students are not so different with yours. They are trained. They are not going to the “real” world, they are just transferring to another school. The Universal school where there is no age limit, grade are not written in a card and there is no grade level. So instead of giving advice just say Welcome classmates, I know you’ll enjoy learning in this new school.#


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