What is Prangkahan Tayo?

What is Prangkahan Tayo?

Some 18 years ago the Farco Trimedia Trimedia Ventures Inc., through it’s President- Freddie J. Farres, was a block timer for RPN 9 Regional Free TV and distribution of locally produced programs at approximately 40 other cable TV outfits within CAR, Region 1 and 3. For around a year The FTV Inc., produced and hosted the talk show program Prangkahan Tayo among others with it’s humble studio located at Leonila Hill, Baguio City. The interview talk show was essentially a no holds barred one on one informative interview type of program with Freddie J. Farres as the lead host-interviewer.

With the advent of digital technology, quad-media, and other common forms of news and information through social media, we now believe that a revival of the Prangkahan Tayo streaming on the web is timely and can definitely be a source of current news and information.

On it’s re-launching on July 1, 2015 for the initial video streaming (webcast) of the Prangkahan Tayo interviews can be viewed at
www.junctionnews.com, www.facebook.com/prangkahan tayo and Youtube Prangkahan Tayo Channel via desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The Prangkahan Tayo are meant to be short segment videos ranging from 15 – 30 straight minutes of no holds barred videos meant to bring out the best in the guests/resource persons. Prangkahan Tayo is usually a free of charge, no monetary obligation on the part of our select invited resource-guest interviewee, unless if and when advertorial and/or related PR contents are part of the subject.

In the coming months, Prangkahan Tayo research and news team will be bringing our web viewers focused exclusive exposes on issues of graft and corrupt practices of local and national government/political officials.


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